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Changing Support Roles to Optimize VoIP Call Center


Video Description:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has reached a new level of maturity in the contact center industry. We can now shift the conversation from “Why should I do VoIP?” and “When and how should I move to VoIP?” to “How do I successfully use it?”
Changing Support Roles For Voip Call center Independent of Voip Call center, contact centers require many support roles to operate and use technology effectively. Figure 1 shows a functional view of the roles included in best-practices operations. The number of people involved in these roles, how they are combined, and where they report vary tremendously based on contact Voip Call centersize, structure, focus and complexity. For example, a small Voip Call center may have no contact Voip Call center operations support organization or dedicated roles. Rather, managers and supervisors wear some of these hats, while working closely with HR and IT to fill other roles. A large, multisite, multiple business unit contact Voip Call center operation may have a shared services function that provides most or all of these functions, with many people involved and collaborating across functions. In a perfect world, as companies move to Voip Call center, these support roles are part of some sort of centralized organization (centralized logically, not necessarily physically) to support a virtualized operation (with technology based at a hub or data center(s) and distributed resources).
TAGS: Technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Transitioning to VoIP, Vs traditional phone systems, New Technology Evaluation, Implementation/Functionality Analysis, Needs analysis, Vendor selection, Technology Implementation/Maintenance, System Monitoring/Testing, Vendor Support, Working with IT, E-support, Web calls

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Changing Support Roles to Optimize VoIP Call Center

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